Supplier assessment and management for insurance

Would you consider it important information if one of your suppliers has had to tap into the government's temporary redundancy fund, if it's planning to delocalise, or if it is exposed to financial risks?
Protect your company from unexpected repercussions on your financial stability.
We have the right solutions to succeed in doing just that.


It is a new web app and API solution that maps the connections between various public and private sector entities, with interactive graphs.
It is a tool helping you to:

  • reveal existing connections between certain companies and individuals
  • gain a better understanding of the points that connect suppliers, competitors and potential customers
  • identify illicit dealings
  • undertake new business actions

It is a tool designed to combine different types of data in a way that enables you to do targeted prospecting.
Thanks to its innovative algorithms, it helps you to:

  • create an 'ideal customer' profile
  • pinpoint prospective clients that are similar to the ideal profile and your best current clients
  • categorise the results by priority level and degree of similarity
Supplier assessment and management for:

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