Lead Generation for insurance

Want to attract new customers and expand into new geographical areas?
Are you outlining new insurance lines and need to identify and get in touch with the target customer base?
Achieve your growth targets using our systems and prospecting activities to help you find new customers in new areas that are appropriate targets for your insurance offering, so that you can turn potential into real customers with a fine-tuned offer.

  • We put our systems and skills at your service, enabling you to pinpoint new geographical areas and market niches where you can make competitive offers to meet your growth targets.
  • We’ll give you the tools you need to find companies in an innovative way that is consistent with your insurance policy offering.
Prospect qualification Italy/Abroad

It will bring you new qualified business contacts, whether in Italy or abroad, based on qualitative and quantitative criteria established with you and verified ‘in the field’ by directly surveying potential targets.


They are essential in today’s world to raise better awareness of your insurance company and its product lines, reaching straight out to those who are most likely to be interested in your offering.
Using ideal tools and the right combination of actions, you will be able to:

  • conduct direct e-mail marketing on an exclusive database containing about 12 million names broken down by profession, geographical area, sector of business, sex, age and personal interests;
  • launch targeted banner campaigns on an independent network of over 500 premium websites pertaining to your sector, selecting specific locations and target audiences based on demographic parameters and specific interests;
  • bring users to a landing page, a web page that presents your offering of insurance coverage, accompanied by a contact form for more information, through which you can attract potential new customers.

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