Projects for insurance

Our projects lead to new strategies to adopt in order to strengthen your distinctive role in the sector.

Competitive Intelligence Italy/Abroad

Insight into the competitive strategies and business performances of your competitors, with comparisons to the sector overall.

Customer Satisfaction Audit

Measures how satisfied your policyholders are using performance indicators.
Voice of the Customer (VoC) monitoring keeps track of the sentiment and needs of customers who have just purchased one or more policies.
In this way, you can learn what you need to do to improve your offering and assure yourself of happier customers.

Mistery Shopping

Provides you with an understanding of a potential customer’s direct experience of how your insurance products are presented and distributed.
The results of this first-hand evaluation will be made available to you in real time on our dedicated online platform.

Focus Group

Discussion sessions moderated by a professional, in order to elicit and understand the underlying rationale behind your policyholders’ choices. 

Analitiycs for Marketing

Get further support to make the best possible business decisions to increase policy sales volumes, by means of data mining on your company’s database in conjunction with our data and other information collected through projects designed for you.

Geographic Market Potential Analysis

Explores the business potential in new geographical areas where you intend to begin distributing insurance products. This assessment culminates in an overall score indicating the potential of each area, with a set of detailed indicators and a textual summary of the results, which can be used to develop new growth strategies.


In-depth observations and analysis in response to precise needs indicated by our clients.

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