Credit Consulting for public admininstration

Do you need to collect substantial amounts of unpaid fees or taxes? Do you need to know if the citizens in your town or area are capable of honouring their debts? Could you benefit from better tools to estimate the probability of recovering outstanding receivables in arrears?
Come to us. With a uniquely vast wealth of information, we will help you learn the real likelihood of collecting on each credit position and give you a clear idea of what actions to take to collect those outstanding receivables.

  • We offer you the right tools to determine the likelihood of collecting on each late fee and tax arrears position.
  • We will work you to develop precise strategies that will assure you of achieving your collection target.
  • We know which roads to take to reduce outstanding receivables, depending on the amount and severity of the arrears.

Do you need user-friendly solutions to ascertain whether you’ll actually be able to collect certain unpaid fees or taxes?
Use ours. They allow you to determine the real degree of collectability of taxes or fees.

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