Loan portfolio valuations for public administration

Do you need user-friendly solutions to ascertain whether you’ll actually be able to collect certain unpaid fees or taxes?
Use ours. They allow you to determine the real degree of collectability of taxes or fees.


Collection Score is a numerical measurement of the effective probability of collecting on a past due receivable.

This statistical measurement will help you decide what actions to take in order to bring in more cash in as little time as possible.

Credit Analysis

It is our service that will help you improve your collection performance and simultaneously reduce credit recovery expenses.

It is a system of evaluating your whole portfolio of fee and tax arrears to measure the probability of collection and advise you regarding a differentiated, targeted credit management strategy to collect in the most efficient way possible, specifically by:

  • matching your fee and tax arrears positions with information from our database
  • analysing historical official data such as protests for non-payment, adverse credit entries and insolvency proceedings such as bankruptcies and asset seizures
  • classifying receivables by amount, by the number of days past due, as well as by the debtor’s geographical area and legal form
  • segmenting the receivables portfolio by type

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