Credit Management and Recovery for public admininstration

Are you a government institution or local public body with lots of outstanding receivables from citizens who are in arrears on their payments?
Would you like to initiate attempts to collect this credit on friendly terms?
We have all the papers in order to work with you in out-of-court collections. We are licensed MEPA (Italian public sector electronic market) operators who can guarantee several advantages in recovering credit effectively, working according to legally approved procedures.

  • We have a unique repository of data and information on both companies and individuals, which we put at your service to guarantee you the best possible knowledge of each debtor.
  • On your behalf, we follow all out-of-court collection files first-hand, taking efficient action when and only when the time is right, and striving to speed up collection timescales. We urge taxpayers to meet deadlines and honour their duty to pay taxes and fees in arrears, and we always do so in an ethical manner with respect for individuals.
  • We already work with numerous town councils, groups of municipalities, land reclamation agencies, public housing institutions and local national healthcare agencies.
  • We are licensed debt collectors pursuant to article 115 of the Italian Consolidated Public Safety Law. Our subsidiary Cerved Credit Collection is ISO 9001:2015 certified and member of industry associations ANCIC and UNIREC, and is also member of the UNIREC-Consumatori forum. Furthermore, we have implemented an organisational and internal auditing model that complies with Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and deemed suitable for preventing the crimes listed in that decree, specifically including crimes against the public sector.

Do you want to hire a qualified company to improve your procedures for handling collections of fees or local taxes, or to get your institution’s treasury back in good shape?
Do you need a skilled professional partner to pursue procedures in accordance with all applicable regulations?
We’ll take up your case. We work in full compliance with laws in force and with best practices in our sector, and we are committed to ensuring you the best possible results at the lowest cost.

Do you need to collect substantial amounts of unpaid fees or taxes, through out-of-court settlements wherever possible? Would you like to be able to handle payment collections in a way that helps create a healthy relationship between citizens and the public sector?
Apply the methods and strategies we’ll outline for you in order to collect debts yet maintain good relations with your debtors.
We are trained and prepared to liaise in all different areas.
We have permanent internal personnel who know our systems and can give you instant answers.

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