Credit Risk for public admininstration

How many suppliers, consultants and government-owned companies does your or your institution's work depend upon each day?
Are they trustworthy financially? Do you have the tools and information you need to monitor them?

Count on us. We can give you a verified panoramic view over all the people and companies your institution works with. We'll keep you informed about their financial and business solidity. We'll map their business networks. We'll produce analytical and qualitative assessments of them for you.

  • We support the public sector in an innovative way, with offers catered to four distinct types of institutions: government bodies, part government-owned companies, suppliers to public bodies, and public sector representatives.
  • We have a unique database that is always kept up to date covering thousands of government bodies and government-owned companies, as well as hundreds of thousands of suppliers and representatives with political and/or managerial responsibilities.
  • Our wealth of information lets you learn everything you'd need to know about these institutions and people, so that you can make the best possible decisions and optimise your plans for the future.

Does your institution's work depend on the financial solidity of suppliers and contractors who have been awarded tenders? Do you need to closely monitor the government-owned companies and the consultants that are associated with your activities?
Access our portal that focuses entirely on the public sector and its complex offshoots.

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