From mono-brand sales points to shopping centres and franchised chain stores, we support all types of retail businesses in their efforts to maintain distinctive positioning on the market, to keep themselves informed about market tendencies, to expand and to increase their revenue.

We provide up-to-date numbers in real time about all industries and supply chains, thanks to our precise monitoring of the market, both in Italy and abroad.

Our services for retail

How do you know exactly why, when, where and how your customer decides to make purchases?
What do you need to adopt appropriate trading policies and get satisfactory profits?
Discover it by holding into consideration and putting into practice the guidelines outlined in our projects.

  • We provide you with constantly updated data and information so that you can get your commercial policies going in just the right direction, so that you can figure out precisely what to market where and to whom, all in order to remain highly distinctive and competitive.
  • We’ll work side-by-side with you to devise the strategy that is most likely to ensure that you will achieve your sales and revenue targets. We make your goals easier to reach by providing you with tools specifically designed to continually observe how your sector is changing and developing.

Do you want to bring more customers to your sale points?
To open other stores and launch new products, do you need to know more about the tastes, the interests and the buying habits of the people to whom you want to apply?

Take use of the instruments we place at your disposal and of our prospecting activities.

  • We will help you to offer incentives to visit your sales points, to learn prospecive customers’ purchasing behaviour first-hand, as well as to determine what direct and digital marketing actions you should take in order to transform prospects into purchases along with ways to customise your offering.
  • We set up the ideal conditions for you to win new customers, expand into new segments and promote your name and your products.

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