Lead Generation for retail

Do you want to bring more customers to your sale points?
To open other stores and launch new products, do you need to know more about the tastes, the interests and the buying habits of the people to whom you want to apply?

Take use of the instruments we place at your disposal and of our prospecting activities.

  • We will help you to offer incentives to visit your sales points, to learn prospecive customers’ purchasing behaviour first-hand, as well as to determine what direct and digital marketing actions you should take in order to transform prospects into purchases along with ways to customise your offering.
  • We set up the ideal conditions for you to win new customers, expand into new segments and promote your name and your products.

They will get people know better and more about your brand and your business offer, by addressing to potential users interested in purchasing your products.
Using the most suitable instruments and with the right mix of activities you can:

  • make Direct Mail Marketing actions on an exclusive database containing about 12 million names profiled according to profession, geographic area, sector, sex, age and interests
  • boost Banner campaigns on an independent network of over 500 premium sector sites by choosing where and to whom you are turning basing on social-demographic parameters
  • Create a Landing Page, a web page introducing your commercial proposal with a contact and information request form useful to attract prospect users

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