Telco & Utilities

For telephone service operators and suppliers of utilities like electricity and gas, we share our in-depth knowledge of their markets.

We provide them the tools they need to solidify their corporate identity, as well as to improve service coverage and quality, in a highly competitive and continually evolving sector.

We add value for these companies through the power that only our database can give them to make their moves and decisions with a firm grasp on the issues so they can seize every opportunity.

Our services for telco & utilities

Do you want to be sure if the people and companies using your services are reliable in making payments? Do you need numbers on the financial solidity of your customers -- users of energy, other products and materials?
Ask us.
We've got the answers to these questions and more. We can tell you a lot, if not everything, about customers and companies, and give you a clear picture that will help you make the best business decisions.

In your sector, competition is everything. Because consumers can choose which supplier is best for them, your customer portfolio can be extremely volatile. The financial stability of the businesses you hire to provide your services is also vitally important for your own business growth.

  • We help protect you from market uncertainty, allowing you to carefully and constantly evaluate the market, customers and suppliers, as well as to limit fraud and credit risk.
  • We stick with you in all phases of your business, strengthened by our unparalleled, comprehensive knowledge of credit mechanisms in Italy.
  • We support you with data, information and soutions that will serve to sustain your competitive advantage and improve your market positioning, whether in telecommunications, gas, electricity or other utilities.

Before setting up gas or electricity supply, or before working out a telephone and data contract, would you first like to know for certain if the individual customer you're dealing with pays for their services regularly? Do you need evidence about the financial solidity of your gas, energy or other utility users?
You can find the answers to these questions when you access our platforms. Thanks to our partnership with Experian, our information solutions give you the level of detail that best suits your needs so that you can make the right decision at the right time.

In your business, scenarios can easily change. It is often the case that a customer who pays regularly today may not continue to do so tomorrow. This risk can be higher with individual customers.

  • We give you the tools to fend off this uncertainty, enabling you to monitor each individual customer carefully and contain both credit risk and fraud risk.
  • We support you with data, information and solutions that will serve to keep up your competitive advantage, whether in gas, electricity or other utilities.

Do you need to collect on substantial volumes of unpaid bills? Do you need to know if certain users of your services are even capable of honouring the debts they owe you?
Are you wondering what approach you should take in order to collect as much of your receivables in arrears as possible?
Come to us. With a uniquely vast wealth of information, we will help you learn the real likelihood of collecting on each credit position and give you a clear idea of what actions to take to collect those outstanding receivables.

Do you have hundreds of thousands of customers and large volumes of unpaid receivables to collect? Would you like to be able to rely on an external organisation that has great expertise in managing both active and inactive customers?
Do you need proven effective tools to chase late payments, assistance in service termination procedures and in recovering insolvent debt?
We’ll take up your case. With a team of experts and advanced systems, we recover 50% more than the sector average.

  • We have the skills and the numbers to support all of your debt collection activities so that you can handle even cases of protracted arrears.
  • In order to collect unpaid receivables within a reasonable amount of time, we employ advanced tools while still operating attentively and within the regulations. To protect your and your customers’ rights, we record all telephone calls. We are ISO 9000 certified and follow a code of conduct that has been agreed in conjunction with consumers’ associations.
  • With an office dedicated to the sector, we are the credit management company with the most clients in the utilities market and we succeed in efficiently resolving even the most critical bad debt situations.

Need to monitor your market positioning so that you can solidify it and improve it?
Want a way to systematically check and update your customer profiles and details?
Our platforms will bring you all the solutions you’re looking for with useful detailed views that match your growth targets. ​​​​​​​

  • We can provide you the most complete and up-to-date set of data and information to keep a close watch over the telecommunications and utilities sectors.
  • We set you up with advanced, high-performing tools to identify the best moves to make to maintain a competitive advantage and achieve the results you want.

To spread the use of your services and to let their value be appreciated, do you need to listen to the requirements and desires of your current customers and prospects?
To get your goal, do you want to understand how to move and in which direction?
Follow the directions and suggestions emerging from our sector studies and adopt the strategies outlined in our projects

  • We’re well-equipped to satisfy all your marketing needs and find the best solutions to help you achieve your business targets.
  • We will support you in devising the best strategies to maintain a highly distinct position in your sector.

Do you want to attract new customers in not yet occupied geographic areas?
To extend your offer and your ability to provide services, do you have urgency to understand what public you are referring to?
Learn about the instruments we provide and our prospecting activities that will aid you to find new customers and to customize more and more your offer basing on their wishes.

  • We will help you reach new customers and new geographic areas you haven’t ventured into yet, providing you with a detailed picture of the areas in which you can seize opportunities to grow your business.
  • We will work with you to identify potential new customers who you can contact to offer telecommunications and utility services.

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