Customer assessment for telco & utilities

When you're evaluating an individual customer or self-employed business customer, is it essential for your company to be able to regularly verify whether that customer has the means to pay their debts? Do you need analytical tools that are up to the task to help you reach the goals you've set?
Ask us for help. We'll bring you advanced, scalable solutions to satisfy your requirements for information and assessment, giving you support in the complex decision-making phase.


It is a system that Cerved offers in partnership with Experian Italia. Fully compliant with privacy and personal data protection laws, it provides all of the following in real time in response to a single query:

  • information on the credit situation of any person (natural or legal)
  • an accurate assessment of the customer's credit behaviour
  • an informative report on existing and previous utility contracts, wherever disclosing the information is permitted by law and is in keeping with the principle of reciprocity

It is a complete, constantly updated toolkit that ­– whilst remaining fully compliant with privacy and personal data protection laws – enables you to:

  • streamline operating processes
  • speed up the application acceptance process 
Experian Delphi Scores Suite

It is a set of scores based on the most advanced statistical analysis techniques, serving to:

  • speed up the decision-making process and maximise acceptance targets
  • optimise portfolio risk management

It is an array of specialised calculations that makes use of our vast repository of historical data, with variations depending on:

  • the type of customer (e.g. individual, business or condominium)
  • the phase in the customer life cycle (i.e. initial assessment, risk check on existing customer, or probability of collecting overdue bills)

It helps you assess the credit risk profile of new customers right at the outset and also lets you estimate the probability of collecting unpaid receivables.

It analyses connections between people and businesses, properties, financial statements, trade payment patterns, socioeconomic traits of local areas and much more, including information provided by the CIS.

Customer assessment for:

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