Credit Management and Recovery for telco & utilities

Do you have hundreds of thousands of customers and large volumes of unpaid receivables to collect? Would you like to be able to rely on an external organisation that has great expertise in managing both active and inactive customers?
Do you need proven effective tools to chase late payments, assistance in service termination procedures and in recovering insolvent debt?
We’ll take up your case. With a team of experts and advanced systems, we recover 50% more than the sector average.

  • We have the skills and the numbers to support all of your debt collection activities so that you can handle even cases of protracted arrears.
  • In order to collect unpaid receivables within a reasonable amount of time, we employ advanced tools while still operating attentively and within the regulations. To protect your and your customers’ rights, we record all telephone calls. We are ISO 9000 certified and follow a code of conduct that has been agreed in conjunction with consumers’ associations.
  • With an office dedicated to the sector, we are the credit management company with the most clients in the utilities market and we succeed in efficiently resolving even the most critical bad debt situations.

Would you prefer to outsource credit recovery processes so that you can optimise personnel costs? Is getting the best possible results as soon as possible a priority for you?
Then hire us. We can manage your entire portfolio of active customers thanks to our 500 telephone operator employees split into teams that each specialise in a single sector of business. We can offer you tailor-made solutions, as numerous current clients of ours in the telecommunications and utilities sector have already chosen to do.

Do you want to collect from customers without having to go to the courts?
Do you need to cash in as quickly as possible so that you spend less in the debt collection process?
Apply our methods, where the goal is always to reach a settlement you’re your debtors. We provide you with an advanced system for legal credit recovery and extensive monitoring.

Do you find yourself with no choice but to take legal action to collect unpaid bills? Do you need proficient and reliable legal assistance? Do you want to know immediately what expenses you’ll incur and whether you can pay legal fees in instalments?
Choose the Master Legal process we’ve developed to coordinate all legal credit recovery activities in the best way possible. Thanks to our techniques of engineering the legal processes involved, along with our pool of lawyers who are expert negotiators, you will maximise your income and save substantially on costs.

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