Active credit cycle management for telco & utilities

Would you prefer to outsource credit recovery processes so that you can optimise personnel costs? Is getting the best possible results as soon as possible a priority for you?
Then hire us. We can manage your entire portfolio of active customers thanks to our 500 telephone operator employees split into teams that each specialise in a single sector of business. We can offer you tailor-made solutions, as numerous current clients of ours in the telecommunications and utilities sector have already chosen to do.


We interact with all of your active customers, presenting ourselves and acting as an external administrative office you have hired. We follow up on your credit in all phases:

  • we keep track of your outstanding invoices
  • we diversify the credit management approach based on the type of debtor: from individual households to small or large companies to public sector clients
  • we take care of the whole process, from chasing payments by phone and by post to negotiating payment plans with customers and even providing updates on how recovery negotiations are proceeding
  • we implement custom communication plans depending on the type of customer

We also have the skills needed to manage and improve the service termination procedure for late-paying customers. This procedure requires lots of resources and compliance with strict execution rules.

Active credit cycle management for:

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