Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for telco & utilities

Do you want to collect from customers without having to go to the courts?
Do you need to cash in as quickly as possible so that you spend less in the debt collection process?
Apply our methods, where the goal is always to reach a settlement you’re your debtors. We provide you with an advanced system for legal credit recovery and extensive monitoring.

Correspondence work

It means attempting to collect debt through formal written payment reminders, plus:

  • handling inbound claims or complaints, even those from consumers’ associations
  • keeping track of payments received
  • immediate notification and monitoring through the online management system
  • managing returned mail
Phone collection

It is an activity concerning bills in arrears we carry out successfully without breaking any regulations, thanks to an advanced system that guarantees maximum efficiency, along with telephone operator employees who are split into teams, each specialising in a specific sector.
Together we make one big team with a commitment to deliver results that live up to your credit recovery expectations.
Our performance in recovering credit in telecommunications and utilities is well above the sector average.

Field collection

It is an activity we carry out through our direct network of collectors spread across the country, who have the communications and mediation skills required to conduct negotiations. We can set up personalised repayment plans to achieve a fruitful agreement between creditor and debtor.

Credit management and out-of-court collection in Italy for:

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