Legal debt collection in Italy for telco & utilities

Do you find yourself with no choice but to take legal action to collect unpaid bills? Do you need proficient and reliable legal assistance? Do you want to know immediately what expenses you’ll incur and whether you can pay legal fees in instalments?
Choose the Master Legal process we’ve developed to coordinate all legal credit recovery activities in the best way possible. Thanks to our techniques of engineering the legal processes involved, along with our pool of lawyers who are expert negotiators, you will maximise your income and save substantially on costs.

Investigation and legal recovery feasibility evaluation

It is a dual activity we undertake on your behalf with a view to maximising your portfolio of bad debts, including:

  • firstly, seeking to convince the customer to honour their debts without having to resort to legal action
  • negotiating with the intent of collecting debts, including offering repayment instalment plans if necessary
  • identifying in which positions it would be advantageous to take legal recovery action
  • assessing complete documentation, along with the assets and/or sources of income that can be targeted, to then determine if proceeding with legal action would be cost-effective
Warning and execution proceedings phase

It is where our legal correspondents, present in all Italian courts and capable of handling thousands of cases (about 60,000 in 2016 alone), support you by:

  • covering the entire legal process, from submission of the lawsuit to payment and repossession orders and insolvency proceedings
  • obtaining payment enforcement orders from the court
  • taking all actions necessary to obtain a court-ordered collection notice and. If necessary, seizure of one-fifth of the debtor’s salary/pension and/or repossession of movable property or bank account assets
assignment order and appeals management phase

It includes a series of tasks such as:

  • direct participation at court hearings
  • credit assignment orders are obtained from the court
  • repayment plans are devised and bank account details for receipt of the sums assigned by the judge
  • any remaining disputes are handled through continuing mediation work
Legal debt collection in Italy for:

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