Customer assessment for telco & utilities

How valuable is it to you to know your customers up close? To be able to measure the creditworthiness of your product and service users? What information do you need to be able to protect your revenues and at the same time fulfil the expectations of each one of your customers?
You can rely on our solutions designed to monitor risks related to your day-to-day business and to help you make effective business decisions, thanks to our meticulous research and projections for the future.

Official data and commercial information on Italian companies

We are official distributors of InfoCamere. We provide official data – including records of non-payment protests, adverse entries and negative credit events, corporate ownership information and financial statements – as well as commercial information.
We provide you this information at different levels of depth, in order to help you:

  • assess businesses and individuals as a precautionary measure
  • maximise the strategic soundness of your offering of utility services and products
  • mitigate credit risk
Official data and commercial information on foreign companies

We bring you official data and commercial information on companies active across the world.
Thanks to our international partnerships, you can:

  • analyse foreign companies' balance sheets and income statements
  • ward off commercial transaction risks without passing up new business opportunities
  • gain an accurate picture of the political, economic, social, demographic and technological scenario
  • ask for support from a team that's knowledgeable about various different countries and can analyse each figure based on the related context
Customer Management Platform

Cerved Credit Suite is our platform where you can analyse and manage your customer portfolio, request reports, assess risks and opportunities, and refine your commercial strategies.
It draws from the largest database of its kind in Italy to find the solutions you're looking for, allowing you to:

  • perform searches over an exclusively detailed bank of information
  • receive custom reports with risk indicators, creditworthiness scores, as well as tables and graphs that are easy to read
  • opt for different views of your portfolio, based on filter selections
  • enrich your data by collating it with ours, to obtain a well-rounded vision of your sector
  • receive notifications of any changes regarding companies you want to monitor
Decision-Making Systems

Business Decision is a platform that takes you through the entire approval process for granting credit to new or existing customers.
It is a customised decision-making system that helps you to:

  • automate the trade credit approval process as much as possible and shorten decision timescales
  • assign a customised score to each credit position in your portfolio
  • use guided routes to open or revise a credit line approval process
  • establish approval levels and ways of monitoring creditworthiness

Cerved Decision is a decision-making tool with a customisable scoring system to help you:

  • automate credit assessment and credit management processes according to parameters you decide on
  • combine your data with ours
  • conduct searches on an engine that aggregates your data and ours and delivers a clear recommendation: approve, reject, or find out more.
  • save search results in an archive
  • analyse your credit policies and, if needed, amend the set of rules your decisions are based on

It is a web app and API solution that maps the connections between various public and private sector entities, with interactive graphs.
It is a tool helping you to:

  • reveal existing connections between companies, individuals and public bodies
  • gain a better understanding of the points that connect suppliers, competitors and potential customers
  • identify any critical situations
  • launch new business initiatives

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