Real estate for telco & utilities

Need to find out about the property assets of a business or individual from among your suppliers? Do you need to know if a certain property is under mortgage or linked to any credit events, or if you'll be able to stake a claim to its value in the event of missed payments?
Ask us. We'll reply in real time with verified documents and up-to-date news.

Real estate valuations

It provides analysis carried out by a network of expert surveyors with the aim of:

  • estimating the value of residential and commercial real estate
  • ensuring compliance with ABI valuation standards and international best practices
Real estate register (vipo)

It is a service carried out and provided in partnership with Consit Italia, a company within our group that features distinctive skills in real estate surveys.
It provides information drawn from official data contained in the Italian real estate and land registers as well as in state property valuation offices across Italy, enabling you to:

  • obtain real estate and mortgage surveys
  • access Consit's databases
  • monitor real estate register information pertaining to a list of names you wish to track
  • receive online notifications if any changes in property ownership take place among the names you are monitoring
  • receive updates whenever changes are made in real estate survey registers
Cadastral Report

It  is your key to all the information on properties listed in Italy’s official land and real estate survey registers.
It is a document that informs you if a property anywhere in Italy is owned by a company or a natural person, along with its exact geographic location.
It also updates you on the size of the property and its buildings, the estimated market value, and percentage ownership stakes if the property has multiple owners.

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