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Our platforms are designed to give you precise, detailed answers to all of your questions.
Choose the one that is most suitable to your requirements and access it whenever you need it, anytime, anywhere.

Atoka Enterprise

It is Atoka’s web app designed and implemented to examine the market where prospective customers are located, to then decide what strategies to employ to attract them to your insurance product offering.

It is ready to use and will help you search independently for new contacts, providing details about each company, including:

  • an overview with basic company details
  • additional information about their contacts, social media presence and shares
  • profiles of the company, its stakeholders and its key managers and directors
  • the latest news on one or more monitored companies
  • data lists that can be exported and shared by several users
Atoka Mobile

It is an app for use on-the-go that facilitates the work of your sales network and local brokers on the field to find new leads based on Atoka platform rationale.

It has several features for you to:

  • conduct advanced searches and break down the results using various filters
  • view business leads in any particular area on a special map
  • get basic key information (annual revenue, trends, employee numbers, headquarters, contact info, etc.) on over 6 million Italian companies
  • keep watch for any negative signals and assess opportunities for growing the business and for extending your range of services
  • create individual accounts for personal access to the app’s control panel

It is a flexible tool designed for maximum customisation.
When you interact with DBforYOU, you can:

  • create a tailor-made database, setting the parameters for which kinds of companies to include and what information you want to see from our vast database
  • examine company accounts
  • create lists from the set of companies within your parameters, or use default criteria

It is a tool designed to enable your company to do prospecting by combining different types of data.
Thanks to innovative algorithms, Similarity will help you:

  • construct an ‘ideal customer’ profile
  • project that profile onto all companies of potential interest for new business
  • pinpoint the prospects that best match the ideal profile and your best current customers
  • organise the results by priority level and degree of similarity

It is a platform made to help you maximise profit from your marketing and sales initiatives.
Thanks to Marketing+ you’ll be able to:

  • Expand your business
  • monitor your customer portfolio
  • find potential new customers
  • analyse and compare segments and geographical markets
  • track business performances to improve your company’s trends
  • pinpoint target audiences for communications and direct marketing campaigns
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