Lead Generation for telco & utilities

Do you want to attract new customers in not yet occupied geographic areas?
To extend your offer and your ability to provide services, do you have urgency to understand what public you are referring to?
Learn about the instruments we provide and our prospecting activities that will aid you to find new customers and to customize more and more your offer basing on their wishes.

  • We will help you reach new customers and new geographic areas you haven’t ventured into yet, providing you with a detailed picture of the areas in which you can seize opportunities to grow your business.
  • We will work with you to identify potential new customers who you can contact to offer telecommunications and utility services.
Prospect qualification Italy/Abroad

It will allow you to collect new qualified sales leads in Italy and abroad on the base of quali- quantitative criteria agreed upon with you and verified "on the field" through direct interviews addressed to potential customers.


They will serve to get people know better and more about your brand and your business offer, addressing users who are potentially interested in purchasing your services.
Using the most suitable instruments and with the right mix of activities you can:

  • define a Direct Email Marketing action to reach about 12 millions of users cited in an exclusive and profiled database according to their profession, geographic area, sector, sex, age and interests
  • plan Banner campaigns on an independent network of over 500 sector premium sites, deciding the places and people to be intercepted basing on socio-demographic logic and specific interests
  • provide a Landing Page, a web page dedicated to your offer of products and services and provided with a contact and request information form useful to attract new customers

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