Sector Reports for telco & utilities

From our catalogue of industry studies with national value you can deduct:

  • strategic information
  • market trends
  • financial and competitive analysis
  • risk analysis
  • trends and expectations
  • sector benchmarking

Each study in the catalogue draws a scenery and gives you an overview about the situation of the Italian market:


Start maps all the Italian business fields and gives you an updated view of the current dynamics.


Diff provides mid-term growth forecasts for a specific sector. We cover 150 different sectors of the Italian economy, examining numerous aspects such as production, imports and exports, demand, costs and key financial indicators.


The Energy and Gas Monitor is an annual research that highlights, analyzes and monitors the behaviors and satisfaction of retail customers, VAT and SME towards Utilities suppliers and their services, with a particular attention to the sale of energy and gas.
This Monitor gives you up-to-date data and information about:

  • perceived satisfaction and the overall on the company performance
  • satisfaction on single factors
  • propensity towards active reference (NPS)
  • the degree of company loyalty

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