Private Individuals

Cerved offering for private individuals

Cerved is the official partner of the majority of Italian financial institutions and offers its real estate data services, land registry reports, searches and investigations to private individuals. This up-to-date and reliable information is based on analysis models of balance statements of all major Italian banking groups.

When do you need this data?

  • To check if the company from which you are buying a home is reliable
  • To check if the company you are using to renovate your home is a good company
  • To assess the seriousness of the business from which you are making a purchase
  • To find exciting opportunities in the market for luxury goods

MARKAGAIN is the first platform for the management and resale of pre-owned luxury assets arising from non performing loans. The business fields of MARKAGAIN – first class second chances - are yachts, luxury cars, luxury real estate, other special assets, amon g which private planes.MARKAGAIN manages hundreds of assets, in almost all cases physically under its direct care, and employs a specialised team to manage the entire buying and selling process. The platform has a strong international focus, which allows those who use MARKAGAIN to sell their assets by gaining access to a potential pool of buyers from all over the world.