Cerved for Public Authorities

Cerved PA Platform

A single point of access to information, analyses and evaluations to learn about, compare and monitor the entities presented under the scope of the PA, from a management and political perspective, for modern, innovative and responsible management of the Public Authority.

  • Learn Access all information contained on the portal corresponding to entities of interest.
  • Benchmark Compare entities of the same type.
    Guided analyses of Municipalities in respect of any cluster to which they belong.
  • Monitor Constant monitoring of events on the companies that interest you (Investees and Suppliers)

Our strengths

The Cerved portal has the widest coverage currently available on the market for all the entities that fall under the scope of Public Authorities: Bodies, investees, suppliers and political representatives.

The contents of databases are aggregated and interconnected for entities of interest, thus providing a comprehensive information framework that enables you to directly compare yourself with entities similar to yourself.

  • Over 20,600 public entities
  • Over 500,000 suppliers, including successful bidders of public tenders, qualified companies (SOA certified and Consip enabled) and appointed consultants.
  • Approximately 14,000 state-owned enterprise
  • More than 750,000 members of public bodies, investees and suppliers.
  • The only offering on the market that includes all four types of entities, including bodies, investees, suppliers and representatives. Complete
  • The widest coverage currently available on the market, for companies, investees, suppliers and representatives. Valuable
  • Database content is connected and interlinked, so connections between different stakeholders can be investigated and studied in depth. Integrated

Information on Public Authorities

Information services, connections, in-depth studies and ratings on all entities within the parameters of Public Authorities.

Download the available materials to learn more about the features and capabilities of the Public Authorities platform.

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