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Covid-19 Emergency

Are you worried because of the highly uncertain economic effects of the pandemic? We will led you support with a series of useful tools to enhance your forecasting abilities.

Working under the new normal has, for many, become a race in the dark with the lights out. We can give you a concrete basis from which you can tackle and handle the coming months in terms of assessments and probable scenarios. Our reports, constantly kept up to date, will help you plan the actions you need to take more precisely in order to overcome these exceptional times.

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We make your forecasting abilities rigorous. Even under the new normal

From an operational and financial point of view, the pandemic is causing immense discontinuity. Just like in any time of uncertainty, risk factors have risen. To protect your business and ensure continuity for your company, you need to plan the most appropriate preventive actions. The problem is that, in such a stop-and-start context, the traditional valuation methods based on historical time series have lost their predictive capacity. We will share our data-driven simulation systems with you. These systems will give you a sound predictive dimension to enable you to understand how certain scenarios could play out, under a dual probabilistic framework (negative and positive). In this way, you will be able to plan more precisely what actions you need to take in order to tackle the current circumstances, reducing risk margins while also allowing you to seize new opportunities.

We provide you a series of tools which, by applying a rigorous analytical and statistical method, will help you promptly measure and evaluate the probable future effects of the pandemic on your business, your sector, your customers and your suppliers. Thanks to our data, skills and forward-looking techniques, we guarantee forecasting systems to make sure that you can carry out outlook assessments based on real, objective foundations. Our simulations will let your company operate to the best of its abilities. You will be able to recognise likely future dynamics, estimate future cash requirements compared to current commitments, and choose which sectors, business partners and customers are objectively the most reliable.

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Product advantages

Gain a clear outlook of trends in your reference sectors.

Reflect on both sides of potential scenarios ahead, from best case to worst case.

Contextualise your risk assessments of each business on objective grounds.

Weight trends under different scenarios to anticipate potential impacts of the crisis in order to relaunch your business.

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