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There is a way to optimise property sales. We help you make the difference through innovative consumption models.

We’ve connected our experience in real estate with the mountain of data available to us in the growing proptech world, via a platform that combines a user-friendly experience with services for real estate agencies and rich publishing content that is without parallel on the market.

Giving real estate sales a new perspective

The buzzword Proptech (a contraction of the words property and technology) expresses a change in the Real Estate industry’s mentality, moving to match the public’s increasing inclination for consumption patterns grounded in more innovative technology, in order to promote new kinds of relations and business.

Thanks to our wealth of information and experience in the field of Real Estate, we have created a platform that combines all of our top skills in the property sector to achieve a clear, effective connection between home buyers and sellers.

Cerved’s “Bee the City” supports Italian Real Estate agents’ digitalisation processes with efficient tools that simplify their daily tasks, revolutionising the house search paradigm using a proprietary algorithm that connects individual users’ requests first to the right place, then to the right properties.

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