Building a data-driven future

Data and solutions will open up new
growth opportunities. Discover how.

We, in figures

We are more than 2.600
Every day we give value to your business.
We have more than 30.000
trust stories.
We build them together with you.
We invest more than 40 million
euros in innovation.
We anticipate your needs.
We suggest 29 million
We accelerate your business starting from our data.

Our strenght points

Which product or service are you looking for?Find it in our wide range.We have more than 300.
Are you looking for a product or service tailor made? We can create it just as you want it.
Do you need us? Contact us. We are always at your side, with the solution you need.
Do you want to obtain the best out of our services?We can teach you how to use them in the best way.

We co-operate with


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, in its report on finance and the economy of SMEs, uses our data on bidding procedures and payment times.


The Italian Banking Association uses our data and our analysis on bidding procedures and average payment times.

Bank of Italy

The Bank of Italy makes extensive use of our data to analyze Italian economic tissue and our scores to distinguish solid business from others.


The International Monetary Fund chose us as an interlocutor for Country Surveillance consultations and as a privileged observer on the world of SMEs.

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