Credit Management for businesses

Bankruptcies, delayed and missed payments occur more often than you might think. Acting quickly is the key to reducing the recovery time of the claim.

Effectively managing loans means detecting insolvent customers early and acting quickly and professionally in order to reduce times for the return of money.

Cerved through its subsidiary Cerved Credit Collection Spa, can help you to identify the most effective solutions along the entire life cycle of the loan, from collection of the first outstanding amounts to recovery of bad debts. ARelying on a team of highly qualified specialists supports alignment of the business activities and credit management, shaping a flexible and transparent credit management process and operating professionally in order to reduce debt recovery times.


We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Our strengths

  • 42% more loans than the sector average (source Unirec)

    Timeliness is a key factor in the management and recovery of debts.

    An early recovery, with expiry in less than 60 days, guarantees substantial returns.

    When the length of the debt exceeds 2 years, the chance of recovery falls below 15%.

  • 30 consultants dedicated to Credit Management and customer support.

    Relying on an external team of qualified specialists, you are ensured that the collection process takes place smoothly and easily.

    We employ experts who use communication techniques and plans specific to each stage of the process.

    Our customer care is specialises in improving the relationship between the supplier and the customer, through the reconciliation of accounts and the management of complaints.