1. We help the economy protect itself from risk and grow sustainably

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    At Cerved, we have so many people ready to take care of your business

    We turn data into strategic solutions, helping the productive world grow and prosper over the short, medium and long term.We provide solutions that utilise advanced technologies, advanced analytical and monitoring processes, as well as vertical skills and strategic partnerships.
    At Cerved, we’re always moving in sync with the latest innovations to look for only the best ideas. We look after every aspect, from the macro environment to the specifics of your business, to ensure that it will always be in good health.
    Who we serve




    Insurance companies

    Telcos & Utilities

    Public sector

    Investment funds

    Consumer credit companies

    Mutual funds and professional investors

    How do you take care of your business?

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    A whole community of advantages for SMEs

    Join entrepreneurs, managers and professionals like yourself to tackle the next challenges.

    Shed light on crisis trend scenarios

    In a new section in Cerved Credit Suite, you can evaluate various impacts on business risk levels and get forecasts and outlooks on sector revenue trends.