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    We’ll analyse your portfolio and discern what the best recovery strategies are for each segment

    We’ll put our very best skills to work to support you throughout the recovery process.

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    We manage over €45 billion worth of credit, on behalf of over 1,700 customers including banks, investors and businesses

    We have the most comprehensive credit servicing platform in Italy.

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    We apply a rigorous code of conduct. Let our quality be yours

    We have rigorous internal audit procedures and are ISO 27001 certified. Our policies are in line with all Consob, Esma and Bankit directives, and Fitch has given us the highest possible European rating.

Credit Management: skills and professionalism at your service

Established in 2005, Cerved Credit Management Group is an independent organisation that provides the most complete array of products and services for assessing and managing credit portfolios, on both the primary and secondary market. We use tested and proven methods and tools, drawing from the latest technological breakthroughs as well as Cerved’s wealth of data in order to assess, devise recovery strategies for and manage any type of credit. With us, you will eliminate complications and speed up the process, which will improve your credit recovery performance. With Cerved Master Services, we take care all activities related to securitising loans and, through our specialised platforms, remarket the underlying collateral (whether real estate or movable property). By entrusting the job to us, you can rest assured that the most effective actions possible will be taken, which will considerably reduce your credit management costs.

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45,7 Bn

In credits under management


Credit professionals


Customers have chosen us

Huge range of services

Assessment, data enrichment, out-of-court and in-court debt collection, remarketing of real estate and movable property.


All types of credit

Residential and commercial mortgages, leases to companies, consumer credit, trade credit, bills in arrears for utilities.

Data-driven credit management

Access to exclusive information and predictive analysis with the added value of the smartest scoring systems.

Who we serve



Consumer credit companies

Telcos & Utilities

Insurance companies

Public sector

Investment funds

Mutual funds and professional investors

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