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Need to manage performing or non-performing loans?

Leave it to us: you’ll save time, strain and resources.

We have pumped up and modernised the entire process of managing loan repayment collection and recovery. We go through all the steps, from analysing your performing and NPL portfolios to assess the types of credits and debtors in them. We then estimate the recoverability of arrears to implement the best recovery strategies, whether out-of-court or in court.

Maximise collections while keeping up good quality relationships

Outsourcing a portion or all of your performing and non-performing loan portfolios gives you several advantages.

We operate with substantial, functional, effective economies of scale in order to ensure optimal credit management and debt collection processes, thereby enabling you to turn high fixed costs into lower variable costs.

You will quickly gain both flexibility and liquidity.

We take care of everything from our specialised facilities, from claims to appeals to the Banking and Financial Arbitration scheme, to legal disputes, and we customise the process to fit your needs.

We take an ethical and strategic approach, aiming to maximise the recovery amount while at the same time allowing you to maintain high-quality customer relations. For compliant customers, we analyse monthly statements to record payments received during each period.

45,1 Bn €

Asset Under Management


expert employees


debtors managed


offices, including 5 outside of Italy

We provide complete visibility on processes and progress status


For non-compliant customers, we employ sound, time-tested analytical methods to measure each customer’s solvency level, and then, based on the amount and type of debt, determine which strategy is most appropriate.

We also have extensive and in-depth experience in dealing with all types of collateral for mortgages, credit lines, personal loans and leases. We look at each file individually, relying on our vast databases to find all the information needed to evaluate and classify each debtor. By applying a portfolio diagnostics technique that exploits Cerved’s vast wealth of data, we implement a sound operational model. Our specialised teams work rigorously on the secondary market to get the most possible value out of collateral and to put initiatives in place that will improve performances.

We can offer you continuous coordination between asset managers, call centre operators, door-to-door agents and attorneys. We take a good-natured approach to facilitate mutual settlements. We also bring in our network of legal experts to resolve the entire court process smoothly until the collateral is recovered. We always give you the highest possible visibility on the status of all processes and individual positions.

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Why choose us

We turn fixed costs into variable costs, optimising both credit management and debt collection

We increase your flexibility, giving you higher visibility on processes we put in place and on the value of achievable results

We provide access to economies of scale and specialised skills, sharing data, analysis and action strategies with you

We combine technology and sound strategy, and guarantee you the support of several specialised teams that operate both locally and remotely

We guarantee solid internal audit and compliance, in keeping with all legislation and regulations in force

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