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Bad debts and recovery litigation constitute a delicate issue

But our attorneys know how to resolve them very smoothly.

Whether for non-performing loans, property repossessions, debt collection enforcements or insolvencies, master legal or insurance claims recovery management, we have engineered and standardised all of our legal debt recovery processes, maintaining a standard of excellence in our legal management techniques. With us, you will cash in faster and maximise the amount recovered, which will bring your debt collection costs down.

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One correspondent for all legal aspects

We guarantee you unified, complete coverage of all in-court and out-of-court legal activities related to non-performing loans. We have a team of over 350 legal experts who specialise in managing large portfolios of NPLs or debts already under litigation from banks, insurers, consumer credit companies, corporations, telecom and utility companies, investment funds and public sector institutions. We form a comprehensive package, supplement any missing information through data remediation and work on the ground to resolve all legal issues. We get it done at all times, throughout the country, whatever it takes.

We have the information, resources and skills to achieve results fast


We have harnessed our skills and in-depth experience over the years to engineer debt collection processes. An innovative data-driven IT platform, enhanced by artificial intelligence, systematically combines information, indexes and procedures needed for recoverability profiling. To speed up recovery actions, we collect and digitise all the documentation our legal experts need to move forward efficiently and effectively. Our network of attorneys, spread across the entire country, follows every step of the court proceedings in full. You can also count on top-notch partnerships for related additional services through our firmly established network of trusted surveyors and civil law notaries. You will not have to worry about anything, as we will be your sole correspondent.

Want to know more about our services?

Who we serve




Insurance companies


Telcos & Utilities


Innovative administrative processes

We use a web-based platform for administrative matters and have a reporting and business intelligence system that can be fully customised according to the customer’s needs. Our operational model includes a project management mode with specific SLAs and an integrated, flexible reporting system.



We run “cash in court” activities, identifying pending court cases, sending reminders and performing strategic spontaneous actions to maximise the amount recovered.



Consumer finance

We begin legal actions en masse to generate value as early as the court order phase, thus leading to earlier payments and/or subsequent portfolio disposals.


Corporations, telecoms & utilities

We recover up to 50% of the amounts of portfolios entrusted to us that have previously been worked on unsuccessfully by other operators. We can guarantee that kind of performance.