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Securitise with an informed decision

We’ll manage the securities.

With our master servicing and dedicated service lines, we provide support for you to structure securitisation transactions, establish and run special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and other vehicle companies (like REO and Lease companies) as well as manage credit positions and collect bad debts.




with Italian government’s GACS guarantee

9,6 Bn

in assets managed

We believe in securitisation as a tool to create value

Our aim is to explore new market opportunities, offer you skills that are constantly honed, and provide tailor-made services. For this reason, the value of our advice covers all legal aspects of the securitisation process.

We provide assistance in the analysis and in the static and dynamic valuation of both individual positions and whole portfolios. We lend support for establishing and running SPVs and other vehicle companies for property assets (Reoco and LeaseCo arrangements).

We help you set the portfolio eligibility and extraction criteria, determine operational procedures for credit management, and calculate expected cash flows. All this is accompanied by monitoring services with regard to performance, business plan attainment and reporting, services that are customised according to the type of assets you securitise.

Furthermore, we assist you in drafting and revising transaction contracts, so as to guarantee that the information prospectus will be fully compliant with all legislation and regulations in force for your market and stakeholders.

Our services

Consulting and structuring for securitisations

Master servicing

Formation and administration of SPVs, Reocos and LeaseCos

Calculation Agent

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Who we serve


Financial companies



We work with a plethora of international investors, without any conflicts of interest

We respond to your needs, building solutions tailored to your specifications

We verify that your securitisation processes are compliant with Italian Law 130/99

We support you in establishing and managing vehicle companies

Case Study - Rubicon SPV


The most recent disposal and securitisation of unsecured loans that took place on the Italian market. This SPV acquired three unsecured loan portfolios, predominantly non-performing, consisting of personal loans, salary-backed loans and other loans with repayments deducted at source, credit card debts, leasing agreements and healthcare credits, for a total nominal value of over €2 billion.

Case Study - POP NPLs 2018


The first multi-originator non-performing loan (NPL) disposal operation issued under the Italian Government’s GACS guarantee scheme for the senior tranche in Italy, which witnessed the participation of 17 banking institutions from 15 different cooperative banking groups.