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Impaired loans can be bought and sold

Use our marketplace and depend on us to maximise your recovery value.

We offer technology and consulting services that will enable you to valuate non-performing or past due bank loan portfolios. Whether from mortgages, unsecured loans, consumer credit or leases, we calculate the expected recovery amount, timings and costs involved. If you’d like, we can even take care of the entire debt collection process, assisting you through securitisation operations.


loan portfolios appraised

140+ Bn €

GBV under management

2+ Mln

debtors analysed and assessed


securitisations of GACS portfolios

Technology and advice for non-performing loans

We have extensive knowledge of the non-performing loan market. That’s why we’ve developed services with a dual spirit: technological and consultative. Our organisation is highly innovative and works closely with debt collection and credit management professionals. As such, we offer loan portfolio valuation services in every phase of the cycle, from acquisition to profit-taking or disposal. We help our customers invest capital profitably in the distressed asset market, performing appraisals on each individual asset for single names or, for extensive and granular portfolio valuations, using statistical methods.



Our team of expert consultants guarantees the highest professional standards and ensures fast, skilled execution of the loan valuation phase. You will have access to all our information and analysis, which provide optimal processes and vertical solutions that have been tested on the field in the credit market.

Our credit management is data-driven. We have refined an application platform that combines our uniquely vast wealth of data with the most advanced technologies, strengthened by artificial intelligence enriched with information on past recovery performances of portfolios we know and manage on a daily basis.



We offer a loan valuation service that uses statistical methods, with Cerved’s truly benchmark-setting data and experience.


We also carry out individual appraisals of single positions thanks to joint work performed by a team of legal experts in credit recovery and real estate managers with proven experience in running distressed property asset portfolios.


We provide assistance for all kinds of securitisation operations, including the Italian government’s GACS scheme, regardless of whether the securities are subject to ratings.


Data Gravity

Using our proprietary semantic engine, Data Gravity can automatically analyse the PDF files in dossiers and extract and index the relevant information, reconciling that information with data already present on the operating system.

Access Point for the Processo Civile Telematico (Online Civil Procedure): our access point service lets you access Italy’s online civil legal procedure files and receive status updates on them.


A digital platform to sell and buy loans, even individual positions, with the Cerved label. It is a virtual shop window in which selected, accredited investors can see the loans and assets available, evaluate the related documents, decide which ones are the most appealing for their business and then, independently but with support from a devoted specialist team, reach a purchase agreement.

Speech Analysis for Credit Collection

We analyse conversations with borrowers in a timely manner, focusing on both the substance and emotions expressed. Our system is able to automatically detect telephone calls that signal potential compliance problems and assign a collection probability score, in order to pinpoint which positions are the most promising for debt collection pursuits.

Collection Score and Credit Analysis

This scoring system assigns a probability of collection to each credit position or to various credits against the same debtor, thus allowing an effective recovery strategy to be planned and implemented by analysing the past due portfolio and assessing how recoverable each loan is, for both business and individual debtors.

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