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With trade credits, collectibility can’t be taken for granted

We can turn it into a safe bet.

We offer integrated services to look after, manage and recover trade credits, without or with court intervention. We analyse your portfolios, estimate the collectability of the related positions and collateral, and activate a comprehensive process that guarantees you the best possible results in as little time as possible. In this way, we help you maintain the quality of your business relationships and operations.

End-to-end credit management, guaranteed

There is always a certain element of risk involved in managing trade credits. When faced with insolvent customers, deciding whether and how to take action requires analytical, operational, relational and legal skills.

Our trade credit management service for businesses takes both business and consumer customers into consideration. We offer valuable analysis by means of our wealth of data to estimate the likelihood of collecting on receivables in arrears, in order to maximise the efficiency of recovery strategies.

Whether you are a telco, insurer or utility, we draw up the most appropriate solutions for each individual position based on the credit amount. We have engineered the telephone contact process to reduce collection-related expenses.


We take care of contact management and speed up recovery procedures

Our facilities and call centres work intensively, using an advanced platform to make the calls. Each operator has access to an information package that gives them a complete picture, not only of the debtor’s position, but also of the pre-existing business relationship. This platform is enhanced by artificial intelligence: the information contained in the conversations is immediately analysed to provide each operator with all the guidelines they need to manage the relationship effectively and compassionately.

To bring in the cash, we move forward with a clear sequence of actions along our network of expert professionals throughout the country, which include collection agents and lawyers to manage files and keep track of all proceedings until collateral is collected. We reduce the time it takes to recover trade credits while increasing collection percentages, and at the same time allow you to avoid direct contact with the customers throughout the process, thus helping you maintain quality commercial relationships in the meantime. In short, we assume responsibility for organising your credit management processes.


Trade credit management

Insurance premium credit management

Phone collection for consumer credit companies, commercial businesses, telecoms and utilities

Door-to-door debt collection activities for consumer credit companies and commercial businesses

B2B trade credit management & monitoring for non-financial businesses

B2C trade credit management & monitoring for non-financial businesses

What we’ll do for you

We maximise your trade credit recovery rates, turning fixed costs into variable costs

We guarantee an ethical, strategic and professional approach, which leads to better results

We have the technology, resources and processes needed to speed up the collection process and at the same time enable you to maintain the quality of your business relations

We apply a diagnostic approach to trade credit portfolios, so as to implement the methods that will work best in the circumstances

We activate our call centres, aiding telephone operators with advanced artificial intelligence systems

We mobilise collection agents and lawyers to finalise the more problematic recovery cases

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