Credit Management for financial institutions

Maximise recovery volume and speed by optimising the associated costs. Cerved offers a multi-specialised approach and certified information for the assessment, management and recovery of debt through the remarketing of movable and immovable assets.

Our strengths

Cerved -through its subsidiary Cerved Credit Management - is the first independent player in the market and provides assessments based on certified quantitative data. Its services integrate expertise in different areas, from the valuation of loans and their legal and extrajudicial management, to the remarketing of movable and immovable property.

  • 70 clients
  • 800 top loans
  • 20.000 residential mortgages
  • 132.000 corporate SMEs loans and leasing receivables
  • 1.300.000 consumer unsecured
  • €10.3 billion in bank loans and non-performing personal loans