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    We guarantee sustainable growth with continually measurable goals

    We are the largest Italian company for integrated Marketing Intelligence services.

    Over the years we have expanded our skills and integrated marketing excellence.

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    We give value to your performance

    With Cerved Marketing Intelligence, we help you boost your results.

    We support you in defining the best strategies and actions to achieve the highest productivity standards. Data, targeted analyses, innovative products and services will give you practical help, quickly bringing you customers, results and new levels of operational efficiency.

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    40 mln in investments every year to enrich and update our database

    We have a wealth of strategic data for you to access at your fingertips.

Our data-driven approach for your growth

We promote our customers’ growth by overseeing the entire marketing cycle. Not only do we have a unique, exclusive data ecosystem that allows you to understand every type of market and stay ahead of your competitors, we also have analysis tools and techniques that allow you to increase your productivity, enhance your sales force and find new customers, showing you understand them and can serve them better in order to guarantee their trust and loyalty over time. Whether you want to do business in Italy or penetrate foreign markets, you can count on solutions, platforms and talent that will help you to increase your contacts, implementing the most effective digital and multichannel engagement strategies. You’ll always have a dedicated team at your disposal who will help you by providing instructions and approaches to maximise the value of your knowledge and performance. With us, you will achieve all your goals, seize new opportunities and increase your competitive advantage.


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Boost your knowledge and be constantly in sync with the most innovative topics and trends. Work with experienced professionals who will share the smartest marketing approaches and strategies with you. Help your customers grow while you grow too.