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Advanced Analytics

Strategic vision, research for innovation, methods to support transformations: our Solution Consulting service.

For more advanced organisational models and corporate processes to improve results, you need information, analytical skills and sound strategies. We will accompany you throughout the transformation process, helping you develop solutions that are consistent with your company’s strengths, history and body of experience.






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A unique combination of specialist skills and wealth of information

With the change management skills at MBS Consulting (a Cerved Group company) combined with the strength of our data, we guide both businesses in all major sectors of the Italian economy and public sector organisations in achieving complex changes that require significant strategic, organisational and managerial commitments. We help them optimise performances thanks to our Solution Consulting service.

We share the value of our data, which is rich, dynamic and collected from different ecosystems, to which we apply the most advanced interpretation models.

Our research skills give us great capacity for vision and analysis. The breadth of our assessments covers market scenarios and trends, and even snapshots of consumer and company behaviours and needs.

We will support you via a tailor-made approach that focuses on your business’s specific traits, so as to speed up your transformation processes effectively and knowledgeably, keeping value for each of your stakeholders in mind.

Speed up your transformation process

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Corporate transformation champion

We support your transformation process by injecting our capabilities for vision and analysis, our research skills and our direct, concrete experience on the ground. We provide end-to-end solutions and accompany you every step of the way.

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Data-driven approach

We support your business growth through a data-driven approach based on advanced analytical methods to support decision-making processes. All this is achieved while keeping the essence of your company front and centre.

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Research for innovation

We accurately assess consumer and intermediary scenarios, trends, behaviours and needs, to support you in product and service innovations.

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We help you choose in a well-informed and sustainable manner, so as to achieve results that will stand the test of time and keep value for all your stakeholders squarely in mind.