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The best professionals never stop learning. How about you?

Every day the worlds of credit, marketing and sales pose new challenges. To meet those challenges properly you need to be able to ask for advice from people who have experience and to learn from people who have talent.




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  • Access to funded training
  • An affordable price and a flexible offer in relation to the number of licences and content requested
  • Interdisciplinary courses on the main business areas
  • Specific courses on the hottest topics
  • Self-assessment to evaluate your own skills and to establish your own educational path
  • Social ranking to accelerate interaction with your manager and your colleagues
  • Analytics and report panel to monitor managers’ progress
  • User experience with link to videos on specific themes and the option to upload your own content to increase engagement
  • First-hand experience and training recommendations for employees
  • Direct contact with our experts
Our education areas

Credit Courses

With our credit and finance courses you will cultivate and develop skills in all areas of credit, learn how to manage administrative processes and understand the impact of decisions on the company’s economic and financial balance.

Marketing Courses

With our marketing courses you will have the opportunity to analyse the market, identify sales strategies, stand out from the competition and develop the right skills to identify customer needs, promoting products in a profitable way to give impetus and vitality to doing business abroad.


Onboarding Courses

With our onboarding courses you will find practical tools to guide the introduction of new recruits through concrete training, structured around leading tools such as Office, working arrangements for remote working, as well as mental agility techniques, how to hold effective meetings and the primary aspects of cybersecurity.

Sales Courses

With our sales courses you will study the role of the sales network and organise customer acquisition processes to strengthen the managerial skills and techniques of commercial area professionals and to spread the necessary know-how on tackling sales stages methodically, from the traditional to ecommerce.

Digital Marketing Courses

With our digital marketing courses you will understand and learn to use the enormous potential offered by digital technology in the marketing field with the aim of maximising profit, learning how to successfully position yourself on search engines and discover new channels for promoting your business.

Risk & Compliance Regulations Courses

With our risk and compliance regulations courses you will extend your awareness and understanding of the main regulations that impact on business organisation, learning procedures for identifying priorities and areas of intervention.

Managerial Skills Courses

With our managerial skills courses you will develop managerial skills and improve leadership skills, through different learning objectives, such as effective communication methods, negotiation techniques, problem solving processes, decision making and team work.

Personal Effectiveness Courses

With our courses on personal effectiveness, you will explore the issues related to personal effectiveness and the management of professional relationships to tackle personal improvement, and to grow both your own and your team’s reputation.

Innovation & Technology Courses

With our innovation and technology courses you will acquire knowledge on technical issues related to information technology, the management of big data and digital transformation processes such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing.

Occupational Health & Safety Courses

With our occupational health and safety courses, you will learn the legislation for the protection of employee health and safety in the workplace in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08.

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