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Customer Satisfaction

Every customer has expectations. With us, you can measure them and learn what to do so that you never disappoint.

Loyal customers are those more likely to buy your products again and spend more. That’s why listening to and monitoring your customers’ satisfaction level is crucial for growing youro business. We help you identify the main strengths and weaknesses of your range and your relations with customers, to help you achieve your goals.


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We help you listen to and understand your customers every day

Knowing your customers’ opinions and monitoring them over time is a crucial business strategy. If you want to achieve high customer satisfaction levels, then you need to keep watch over the situation. With our proprietary analytical methods, we support you in activating good practices of listening to your customers, so that you can pinpoint critical success factors, take action to make improvements, and hit your loyalty targets. How do we do it? By interviewing your customers to measure how satisfied they are and what their experiences with your business have been like over time, to then enable you to accurately monitor all of your existing customer relations.

We analyse the results with you, helping you see any gaps in your range of products and services. Then we work with you to map out your priorities, highlighting operating levers that will feed into improvement plans that will make the most of your strengths. You will recognise where you need to intervene and implement caring plans to prevent customers from leaving. In this way, you will be able to hit all your loyalty targets and turn your customers into your best ambassadors.

Case Study - Manufacturing

An American multinational that is a leader in the plumbing market has a branch in Italy that performs customer satisfaction audits on a nationwide scale and recently extended this activity to other countries as well. For each edition of this audit, around 300 customers (both leading dealers and OEMs) are surveyed. After partnering up with Cerved, the organisation was able to see how its brand image differed between sales representatives and agents, as well as look at the differences in satisfaction levels expressed by these two types of customers. Our recurrent analysis also enabled the company to highlight certain contingent disservices occurring in terms of deliveries, and thus intervene in a timely manner so as to avert an impact on customers’ overall satisfaction.

“We have always measured our customers’ satisfaction internally. What we believe we’re doing and what we’re actually doing always need to be verified by our customers. The quality of our work might not necessarily reach our customers the way we think it does, and knowing the differences helps us act on it. Thanks to the interviews and support we got from Cerved, we were able to not only appreciate the professional experiences from the customer’s point of view, but more importantly, interpret the results effectively. That has helped us improve.”

What you can get

Discover your customers’ opinions of you, and identify critical success factors.

Monitor your relations with customers constantly, assessing whether what you are actually offering matches their perceptions.

Identify your shortcomings and where there is room for improvement, to take corrective action and establish priorities.

Win over your customers, giving them quality experiences and ensuring that they will put in a good word for you.

Want to start listening to your customers?

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Case Study - Industrial chemicals

Two companies active in producing flavourings and fragrances joined the same group of companies, which asked Cerved to perform a customer satisfaction audit to measure awareness about the merger and satisfaction levels with each of the two companies. Both administrative contacts and engineers of client companies were surveyed with specific reference to one brand or the other. The group learned that two years after the merger, numerous customers were not aware of the merger and did not have any idea of the group’s image. It also emerged that it was fundamental to work on logistical aspects such as meeting agreed delivery deadlines. On the back of this, an automated order tracing system was put in place.

“The customers’ voices showed that some aspects of our service that we were taking for granted make the difference between one supplier and another. By listening to our customers regularly, we’re now succeeding in communicating more and more value value in our offer to the market, because it’s the things they suggested themselves and we’re responding to their demands and needs.”

Case Study - Energy

A utility company active in the electricity, solar power and natural gas distribution businesses also provides products to support smart metering. The management team turned to Cerved in order to effectively position these products on foreign markets. Cerved’s analyst began by analysing the specific aspects of each product to be marketed abroad. The second step was to determine in which countries these products would have the greatest appeal, by factoring in numerous variables in each market related to energy consumption and prices, the number and concentration of energy-hungry companies, as well as the types of distributors and importers of electrical goods. Of the countries identified as the most attractive, the customer selected the UK, Germany, Spain and Scandinavia. The analyst then pinpointed a set of 500 suspected prospective customers; these companies were then interviewed in order to evaluate their effective potential. In this way, the client company obtained contact info for 170 contacts that fit the target profile. 
With marketing services, we acquired a better understanding of how the market is segmented in each country, and learned about the specific characteristics and needs of various customers, which substantially improved the global skills of our export marketing team.”