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Demand Analysis

An understanding of current and potential demand-side characteristics is crucial for aligning your business with market needs and instigating a solid growth process.

We’ll analyse the demand-side dynamics for your products and services in Italy and abroad. We’ll help you recognise the profiles of potential users, customers and prospects, how they behave on the market, and what drives their purchasing decisions. You’ll be able to assess your brand awareness and how appealing new products are, and fine-tune your existing services and pricing decisions in order to develop a commercial strategy that will foster business growth.

We support your growth by identifying gaps between supply and demand

Demand analysis is a market research report with a highly strategic component that serves to gain an understanding of demand-side dynamics and characteristics in relation to a given product or service, which will inform your business decisions. We help you pinpoint your market, analysing purchasing patterns, along with current and prospective customers’ decision-making criteria and their opinions about you and your competitors, enabling you to seize upon their real and potential needs. We do this for both Italy and foreign markets.

It is an end-to-end service where we guarantee full support in the form various custom-designed solutions that employ the most effective qualitative and quantitative data collection methods (including one-to-one interviews, CATI and CAWI surveys, online focus groups, store audits and more). Our highly skilled analysts and data scientists will ensure that results are significant and will translate them into concrete insights, all illustrated in innovative and intuitive ways. As such, you will ascertain your market’s critical success factors and be able to effectively design growth strategies, business plans, marketing and communications plans, as well as innovation projects.


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Identify gaps between market demand and what you offer

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