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Geographical Potential and Geomarketing

Proximity to customers is essential for business growth. Discover which areas are the most promising and profitable for yours.

We’ll help you pinpoint which geographical areas contain the highest potential for your products and services, so that your sales force can focus its efforts efficiently. You’ll identify the areas in which your business can truly make a difference and be able to assess new sales point openings in those areas.

We’ll help you figure out where the best business opportunities are

Knowing the potential of a particular local area in terms of how widespread your products or services can become is a crucial step in designing effective penetration and expansion strategies. However, it is a complex endeavour that requires a thorough assessment of many complementary variables.

We’ll design custom indicators for you to calculate scores of the potential business in each town or province, so that you can easily identify the most promising ones. You can then visualise and analyse the results quickly and easily on our dynamic dashboards, to whatever degree of detail you desire.

You’ll be able to count on our team of experts every step of the way. They will analyse and account for the specific characteristics of each local business community, including headquarters and branch locations, business birth rates and the sizes of existing businesses in the area. They will also analyse local demographics including population, sex, age, education, income and employment levels, as well as active competitors and the demand for your products and/or services, as evinced via direct interviews with potential customers.

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Pinpoint which geographical areas are priorities for your business

Reorganise your sales force based on geographic potential

Open new sales points in the most promising locations

Reduce your presence in areas that are less profitable for you

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