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NPS & VOC Monitoring

There are different ways of listening to customers. We’ll help you do it so you can instantly monitor satisfaction levels and bring your performances in line with their expectations.

We’ll help you continuously monitor customer satisfaction levels with a multi-channel approach. We analyse all crucial aspects of customer relations, interpreting their needs, expectations and suggestions in order to identify any areas for improvement instantly. In this way, you’ll be able to implement suitable actions to turn satisfied customers into loyal customers.

One outstanding KPI:


reduction in churn rates

We help you turn satisfied customers into loyal customers and avoid losing customers

Customer satisfaction depends on many different variables linked not only to the quality of products and services themselves, but also to perceived relationship quality. Competition between brands is more intense than ever, so measuring how satisfied each of your customers is will help you prevent customers from leaving and enhance engagement. Thanks to our Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution, you can do this in real time, instantly recording and analysing any type of feedback in order to identify potential discrepancies between your customers’ expectations and your company’s actual performances.

We define, with you, the key factors surrounding your customer service that influence satisfaction levels, such as relationships with your sales personnel, punctuality of deliveries, reliability of the products and services received, and technical assistance. We interview customers and design custom indicators for you that will enable you to monitor customer satisfaction levels as well as the effectiveness of actions implemented to improve customer relations. By monitoring your Net Promoter Score (NPS), you will know the extent to which your customers are promoting your products and services, and identify the best actions to take to turn your customers into your best ambassadors.

Do you want to start listening to your customers?


Measure your customers’ satisfaction levels in real time

Customise monitoring content according to your needs

Identify areas for improvement so you can act promptly

Increase both customer loyalty and your performances

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