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Media Monitoring

Every second of every day, thousands of news items are published about people, companies and markets. We collect them all and select which ones are really relevant to you.

You can stay up to speed with all the financial news that is related to your business. Every day, we monitor markets and competitors for you, providing a set of relevant information enriched with exclusive analysis. By filtering out all the background noise, we give you just the news you need.


web sources monitored


news stories analysed every day


business events per cluster

We broaden your scope of action on markets and competitors

Every day in the news, there is tons of information that may be of interest to you and your business. News that helps you recognise opportunities. News that reveals risks related to your supply chains or your property. Beyond the political events that could affect your business, news about changes in climate patterns or price trends could have an impact on your operational continuity. Then there are changes in management, new shareholders or owners, mergers, acquisitions and new businesses established.


We have created a platform that, day after day, combines all digital news sources, and analyses them to identify which pieces of news are credible and relevant to you. By integrating data with this news, we’re your go-to access point for all the important financial information. You will have access to an effective and efficient monitoring service that minimises background noise to provide only those news items that contain high value added for your business. To further increase the power of information, we have attributed a sentiment score to news and companies cited, so that you can do further pertinent research. All with our distinct penchant for rigour.

Don’t miss even the smallest slice of news

What you can really do


Access the online financial news world from a privileged vantage point


Monitor all the information that is key to your business, receiving only what is valuable to you


Customise monitoring content, filtering by events, companies or specific names


Increase visibility on various scenarios and market trends in the areas that are most significant to you

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