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Sales Intelligence

Improve your sales operations: get the right information to enhance your company’s commercial potency.

We help you organise your sales pipeline better, by enriching or creating lists of prospective customers that are most suitable for you. Your competitive capabilities will grow, your customer base will expand and your sales network’s ability to turn opportunities into real business will improve.

Tools and best practices that shorten your sales pipelines and increase your revenue

To manage your sales pipeline well, you need the right information to understand the link between your data and your revenues.  

We can support your company to make the transformation from traditional to fully data-driven processes. The advanced functions and up-to-date figures on our platforms will empower you to do it. We are able to transform your data – extended by tapping into Cerved’s vast wealth of information – into high value-added business potential scores, determined with the aid of artificial intelligence techniques and methods.

Atoka brings you all the power of semantic analysis

Atoka is a state-of-the-art platform where you can find out everything – absolutely everything – that you want to know about Italian businesses. Thanks to proprietary semantic analysis technology, along with financial figures on each company, you will gain immediate access to all the key information on over 6 million companiesThis will enable you to understand the markets better, search for new customers, and find quality leads. Easily, in just a few clicks. 

All the information about your potential customer or partner, in a single view

With our Sales Intelligence service, we provide you data, algorithms and tools that will simplify the process of figuring out who the right prospects are and the right time to contact them. You will stop wasting time managing contacts and going through time-consuming tasks like phone calls, emails and web searches.    

With our services, you will be able to find the right contact details for all the companies you are interested in, quickly and automatically. You will get detailed categorised targets and, for each potential customer, will be able to view informative, systematic charts. You can then pinpoint the most financially dynamic and appealing companies to offer your products and services to.

Explore our Sales Intelligence service

Why do sales intelligence with us

Our data science at the service of your sales

Exploit the potential of the largest repository of information on Italian companies, extended with alternative data and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Why do sales intelligence with us

The beauty of being able to focus on objectives, straight away

Save time: instead of spending it finding and retrieving contacts, devote it to your next new customer.

Why do sales intelligence with us

Sales pipelines that are finally being shortened

Optimise your portfolio: monitor it and keep it up to date with all the data you need for better sales follow-ups.

Why do sales intelligence with us

More information to sell more and to sell better

Receive very precise information for your sales network’s targeting activities.

Why do sales intelligence with us

Better organisation, more collaboration and more scope for action

Organise your team’s work, by creating lists for members to establish the pipeline for your salespeople.