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All the info about your next customers, in one click.

Atoka is a state-of-the-art platform where you can find out everything – absolutely everything – that you want to know about Italian businesses. Thanks to proprietary semantic analysis technology, along with financial figures on each company, you will gain immediate access to all the key information on over 6 million companies. This will enable you to understand the markets better, search for new customers, and find quality leads. Easily, in just a few clicks.

14 Mio

Key people

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Corporate websites


News items analysed per day


Corporate social media accounts tracked

Atoka brings you all the power of semantic analysis

Start gathering sales intelligence: the Atoka knowledge graph analyses and finds links between huge sets of company data, and puts the results into an easily navigable format on a simple, intuitive interface.

Access information on all Italian businesses, sort out which ones you’re interested in learning more about, identify prospective clients, and browse through informative summary factsheets that include each company’s market relationships and its key people.

This platform draws from Cerved’s vast wealth of official data on over 6 million companies, enriched on a daily basis with alternative data from numerous sources such as corporate websites, social networks, news media outlets and open data platforms.

Atoka’s algorithms filter through information to find just what you’re looking for (whether it’s business events, corporate data or info on key people), the way you want it and from any device.

Because growing a business by improving sales is such a universal goal, several different versions of Atoka are available for different market segments.

Navigate the market and enhance your business by exploring the network of Italian companies
Exploit segmentation from the general to the particular and pinpoint specific companies using filters and valuable information
Know your customers and prospects better, to capture those high-potential leads
Gain a deeper understanding of the market environment, of your relations with customers and prospect, as well as of your competitors

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Features in detail

Set and save advanced search criteria, choosing from over 70 available filters

Create and manage prospect lists in just a few clicks (and share them directly with your salespeople or use them in your CRM)

Explore detailed data on specific companies and learn more about their business networks

How does Atoka work?

Stop wasting time with huge lists and spreadsheets. With Atoka, you’ll find the numbers you need on whichever businesses you’re interested in, and then browse through them, collect them and sort them as you see fit: create lists of prospects for your sales team or directly import info into your CRM software. In this way, you’ll know the intricacies of your market better, so that you can improve your business.

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