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We’ve made a promise. And we’re going to keep our word

To uphold our commitments to our clients every day, we have established clear, consistent principles to guide our way of thinking, working and communicating.

Our purpose

We help the economic fabric protect itself from risks and grow sustainably.

We accomplish this by putting our data, technology and talents at the service of individuals, businesses, banks and other institutions.

Our principles


Pioneers of the Big Data ecosystem

Our data, combined with our talented and hard-working people, strive to improve Italy’s productivity. This principle revolves around two essential needs that every individual and every organisation faces every day: protect ourselves from risks and prosper.

Oriented towards sustainable growth

We firmly believe that transparency and sustainability are a driver of continual business improvements.

Day after day, we strive to put our beliefs into practice, sharing our resources and efforts with the entire community that we work with.

Committed to creating a culture grounded in trust

We have always lived at the heart of the economy and we do everything we can to make it more transparent and trustworthy.

We encourage productive cooperation, where knowledge is shared and where each one of us can and should contribute, where diversity is seen as an asset, and where merit is fully recognized.


We love understanding, experimenting, changing and rebuilding.

We all cultivate creative vitality and personal development with speed, enthusiasm and courage, fearlessly pursuing innovation that immediately translates into concrete action.