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    In any business relationship, there are always elements of risk

    We help you recognise them, measure them and manage them.

    We’ll protect you from financial risks, and prevent fraud and money laundering. We can assess all the business relations you have in your portfolio. And for each one, we’ll help you determine their vulnerability levels over time.

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    We’ll help you safeguard against any type of risk:

    operational and credit, legal and regulatory, fraud and money laundering, reputational, technological.

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Risk Intelligence: know the risks you’re taking. And decide how to manage them

In order to manage your organisation proactively, you need tools and methods that give you the whole picture of the vulnerabilities of your business, both actual and potential.

With our Risk Intelligence services, we’ll help you outline and monitor the risks embedded in your commercial relations in order to safeguard your business, while at the same time focusing on growth.

We measure how reliable your business partners and suppliers are, identifying their specific strengths and weaknesses from different angles: creditworthiness, sustainability issues (ESG), legislative and regulatory compliance, reputation, and even technological infrastructure.

Nothing catches us off guard, because we have all the data, tools and advanced technology to have a clear picture of financial trends over time, of assets pledged as collateral, as well as of the operational dynamics of the organisations that you do business with.

With equal attention and precision, we’ll help you prevent risks related to fraud and money laundering; through our audits, we’ll help you make decisions grounded in reality. Together, we’ll plan your strategies, set acceptable risk thresholds and foster growth for your business by opening the door to subsidised financing solutions.

We will identify potential threats and vulnerable aspects of your business so that you can avert any unnecessary risks as a starting point for overseeing, protecting against and becoming truly resilient even in an uncertain economic environment.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to do this sustainably, effectively and competitively.

Platforms specifically designed for credit management and property asset management
Over 100 projects devoted to redesigning the credit management process
Web apps and graphs to see the connections between organisations and manage fraud risk
Score and Dashboard for monitoring risks increased by PSD2
The largest community of payment transaction histories in Italy
Digital onboarding tools supplemented with fraud prevention and anti-money laundering components
How do you protect yourself from risks?

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Why choose us


We have the largest Italian database of proprietary and publicly available data. We implement analytical and monitoring processes for this data, enhanced by our unique scoring systems and high-quality expert insight.


We’ll help you assess, monitor and manage all types of risk in the best way possible. Our specialised professionals will put their skills and experience at your service to respond to all of your needs.



We use cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to perform exclusive analyses to guarantee that you can effectively manage risks. We simplify your operations with ready-to-use solutions – all you need to do is ask.

A solution for every type of risk

We offer standard tools or will even design custom solutions with you to calculate risk thresholds and provide data-driven strategies to guide your decisions.

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