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Credit Risk

Reduce your credit risks, protect your profitability.

We blend information and action to help you monitor, measure, forecast and manage every kind of risk. Plus, you can assess counterparts, outline the best processes and apply the best strategies to manage your credit portfolio. Our experts apply tested and refined methods to help you to solve issues related to late payments and to manage debtor insolvencies.

Information, scores and specialised tools at your service

In the business world, granting credit is an integral part of daily operations, no matter how big or small the company is. A problem arises when your company’s financial health is jeopardised by the repercussions of missed payments or operational risks, compliance risks or fraud risks.

With our credit information services, we help protect your profitability in any credit situation: financial, commercial or alternative and innovative credit in the Fintech field.


Our services cover the full panorama of credit over any vertical chain. We have the data, scoring systems and tools required to protect your profitability. For every market, we have firm knowledge of the dynamics, the technologies, and even the legal and reputational ins and outs.

We study economic trends, analyse performances, scour all kinds of financial information about your business partner, suppliers and customers in order to measure the lights and shadows inherent in your business relationships.

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Who we serve

Large companies



Insurance companies

Telcos & Utilities



Everything you can have

Exclusive data and scores

We build over 100 advanced analytical models every year. We share the most pertinent information with you, supported by predictive technology for the models designed for your business.

Everything you can have

Verticalised knowledge

We also provide you with our value-added advisory service, which we match up with your specific needs.

Everything you can have

Technology at your service

We guarantee you a suite of dependable, simple, effective tools to support your decision-making.

Everything you can have

Custom projects

We stand by your side in both the consulting and operational phases, reducing your credit risks so as to protect your revenue and business relations.