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Business Information

Each business relation you have depends partly on how reliable the other party is. We help you identify and weight the risks and the opportunities.

To assess whether your business counterpart is reliable, you need up-to-date, dependable, easily viewable information. We share all the data and scores you need to make your business relations safer and clearer.


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We make your business relations more transparent

Each time you want to begin a new business relationship, you need to be able to access clear, up-to-date, pertinent information so that you can assess the impact.

Our Business Information services bridge that information gap that is preventing you from getting the full picture of credit risks embedded in your business relations. In this way, we guarantee that you will gain knowledge you can translate into direct plusses in your accounts. You will have access to precise information, along with a suite of the most accurate scoring systems.

We identify and assess every risk variable. Both current and potential

We have built the most extensive, best performing data lake in Italy. Our databases map out and measure every different type of economic actor over time. The quality of our information and assessments is raised by expert knowledge of business operations matured over decades of work with companies, financial institutions, as well as governmental and international organisations. We share our proprietary methodologies and innovative tools with you. In addition, a team of over 120 analysts ensures rapid identification, assessment and management of credit risks, in order to prevent harmful effects. All this comes with supremely customised services. We take a co-design approach, working with you to configure the business, processing and software solutions that are best suited to your needs.



Exclusive data lake

Cerved has a vast wealth of information, supplemented by proprietary data and unique systemic figures like payment databases, consultations and central balance sheet archives.

Instruments and resources

High-quality information, scores and assessments that benefit from the knowledge and business experience accumulated over decades of work.

Innovative methods and tools

A data-driven approach to each counterpart leads to concrete, transparent business relations.

Service by Design

Our service is contoured to the specific characteristics and requirements of each case, providing you with a service that is truly tailored to each type of business.

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