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Cerved Credit Suite

Managing credit is not an exact science. It’s a process of evaluating positions and collecting debt that, with our help, you can keep under control.

We will help you monitor the equity and financial position of the organisations and people you do business with, evaluating their creditworthiness. We give you the numbers, analysis and indicators you need to make sound decisions. Once arrears and bad debts have been identified, we collect them for you, taking care of all the related administrative, bureaucratic and legal matters. Both in Italy and abroad.


your receivables portfolio and how it evolves over time, keeping customers, suppliers and business partners monitored


the advantages of using a single scoring system to measure the creditworthiness and financial dependability of economic actors in which you are interested


how cost-effective your credit management is, with all the information and analysis you need to optimise cash flows


exclusive informative reports, with extensive details, validated by one of our expert analysts


your bad debts and collect them without a fuss – because we do it for you

Guide your decisions and plan your business actions


Cerved Credit Suite is the intuitive platform that enables you to understand the credit profiles of your customers, suppliers and business partners. So that you’ll know who will remain reliable and who won’t from a financial perspective. All on one platform, one picture. You can monitor your portfolio piece by piece, keeping track of bad loans and arrears continuously. With the added advantage of being able to react directly by commencing the debt collection process online.


You will also get close-up analysis of the life cycle of each business relationship you have, going from overview to details in a truly simple and intuitive design. You will have easy access to a range of navigable, informative reports, complete with valuable expert analysis. You can size up the equity and financial situation of each business or individual. A well-organised archive that is easy to refer to allows you to trace and filter information and visualise in whichever ways you prefer.

50 different types of customer portfolio analysis

You can examine your requests related to each business or individual, consult all documents purchased or being processed, and check your transaction history. You can also customise portfolio analyses based on your specific needs, in order to get the right information, assessments and scores, which you can then filter by customer category and export. Furthermore, you can supplement each profile with your own data, in order to keep exposures and DSO figures up to date and under control.

Having weighted the risks and opportunities within your portfolio, you can then make decisions and plan business actions accordingly. Right away, without any false starts.



Simplify your daily tasks with a customisable dashboard: widgets, counters and scores will all be right in front of you for an immediate overview of your portfolio.

Smart Search

Use our intuitive search system with a single input field available on every page of the site, to quickly find whichever companies or people you want.

Fact Files

Equipped with an interactive system, these files give you access to the archive of all documents purchased and to all the pertinent information available about a given economic actor, so that you can verify their creditworthiness.


Get full visibility of monitoring alerts and any changes in content related to your portfolio, from the general picture to the minor details.

Portfolio Analysis

Your portfolio is risk-weighted by means of our graphics and analysis. You can work independently to gather all the information you need to make decisions.

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