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Corporate Structures and Graph4You

Economic relationships are made up of multiple links. We show you all of them, giving you a comprehensive, dynamic viewpoint.

To ensure that your business is solid, you need to look beyond your direct relations to see the bigger picture of how various organisations are interdependent. As a matter of fact, a sufficiently complete risk assessment maps out the dynamics of these interconnections. Whether you are looking at current or potential customers, suppliers or partners, we can make sure you are able to detect all the ongoing direct and indirect relations that they have. This will help protect you from risks and enable you to undertake new business actions.

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Financial companies

Large companies



Consumer credit companies

Telcos & Utilities

Financial institutions

Public sector

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100% of all corporate shareholders in the Business Registers and/or registered with Italian financial market authority (Consob)

250.000 groups with over 700.000 companies involved

65 million organisations contained in Cerved’s databases

148 million known relations

Our economic relations maps broaden your perspective and your business

In the client acquisition phase, as well as throughout any business or financial relationship with another organisation, you always want your risk assessment of that organisation to be complete. This means having the broadest and most accurate vantage point possible with regard to all the business connections that each of your relations has. Equipping yourself with a map of the relations between various organisations also provides crucial support when you are seeking out new business.

We provide you with a range of solutions to check who the beneficial owners are of significant stakes in companies, so as to reveal potential situations in which another company or group effectively controls it. Thanks to our vast databases, we can detect all types of relations through cross-checks between numerous sources, and collate these with strict commercial and financial relationships. In this way, we give you all-inclusive analysis of ongoing relationships between two or more organisations, no matter how weak the links may seem.

You will then be able to assess your portfolio’s concentration risk more accurately, pinpoint new prospects among companies connected to your current customers, as well as keep an eye on situations that may influence the decisions of organisations you work with. Thanks to this information and knowledge you acquire, you will be able to establish appropriate covenants and decide whether and how you would proceed with recovery actions before you even grant credit. Your skills will grow and mature, and you will expand your business vision to make the best decisions and more informed investments.



Owners and shareholders

Verify who any company’s stakeholders are and how the share capital is split up among them.


Equity stakes

Get both current and historical information on the equity stakes held by a company or individual.



Identify the commercial and financial connections between Italian businesses, distinguished by type and degree of integration.



An interactive viewing system that shows existing relations between two or more organisations or individuals contained in our immense databases.

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Discover the value embedded in the richest, most complete databases in Italy, which can allow you to simplify your assessments thanks to scoring systems to easily identify the most significant connections between organisations.

Obtain immediate verification of the shareholding structure of a company, with details of shareholder names, stakes held, all kept fully up to date thanks to automatic calculations of transfers declared by limited liability companies.

Access a summary of all equity stakes (current and past) held by an individual or organisation, showing the changes over time.

Reconstruct all effective legal groups of Italian companies, with evidence of the type and degree of integration between them and a web of any and all commercial relations between businesses.

View and interactively find out more about all the existing relations between organisations, even weak connections between, for example, minority shareholders or non-executive company representatives, shared real estate and so forth.

Gain an advantage with complete output thanks to the ability to integrate numerous sources and to supplement information on relationships with other types of information such as disposals, insolvency proceedings, financial figures, specific data on public bodies, and more.